Bible Ball!


Bible Talk

Join us for Family Fun in God’s Word! Friendly competition on the ball field and                    a fellowship cookout on    Sunday, October 12th    4:00 pm- 6:45

Elizabeth Missionary Baptist Church          1481 Fleet Cooper Road, Roseboro, NC 28382

Bible Ball is a good way to invite people to come to Bible Drill at our church. Bible Drill is where kids preschool – high school learn Bible verses and learn how to look up the books of the Bible in there Bible fast! and then 3rd graders and up get to drill.(that’s where they have to recite there Bible verses from memory and have to look up the books of the in a number of seconds in front of judges!) But don’t worry it is not nerve racking because I am a Bible Driller myself and its easy to learn Gods word and if I get…

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