Standing For The Faith. :)

Has someone ever tested your faith in Jesus? It could be hard for some people especially if the people that don’t believe in Jesus and hate him threaten to do something bad to you. There have been many people in the Bible that died, thrown in jail, stoned, and wiped for there faith in Jesus. But if you die for your faith in Jesus when you get to heaven he will say ” Well done my good and faithful servant.” Don’t you want Jesus to say that to you? I do just the thought of him saying that makes me feel good. Tell people about Jesus where every you go. Tell them that Jesus loves them. And if someone is cold and asks for your coat give that person your hat to. Just do every thing that Jesus will do. Speak blessings not curses. Love others like Jesus did. Be an example to others who believe in Jesus so they will want to tell others about Jesus also. 

(theme verse Philipians 4:13 I can do all thing through Jesus who gives me strength.) 


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