Trouble :)

Have you ever had trouble in life? I have a million times. When someone acts or says something bad to you I feel like i want to cry on a chair or on someones shoulders. But we are not supposed to keep our burdens, hurts and pains because when Jesus died on the cross all of our burdens are lifted. Have you ever felt not loved? Or your here on accident? I have not told any one but my mommy and Jesus. It feels like there is a can inside of you full of stuff and your dying to explode! I’ve felt unloved sometimes because every one says they love me but it seems like my heart is like a pie and i’m missing a quarter of it. But I think God’s trying to show me that I’m relying on love from my family but what I really need is Jesus’s love. I thought really hard last night and started crying a little about the fact that Jesus loved so much that he killed himself for me. He even knows every hair on my head. ( now what genius can know that.) He even knew my name before i was born. God is awesome in so many ways that’s why we through our burdens to Jesus because he loves you that’s why he died for you right?


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