The Good Shepherd

Today I am going to tell you a story of the good shepherd.   

Once there was a shepherd and he had 100 sheep. One day he was counting the sheep and he only counted 99. The Shepherd counted them again, there was only 99. The Shepherd set off to find the lost sheep. He looked and looked. He looked day and night then finally he found the sheep! He took the sheep and put it on his back and carried him back to the field where the rest of the sheep were. When he got there he yelled ”Look everyone! This sheep was lost and now he is found,come celebrate with me!” So all the people came and celebrated with the Shepherd.  The Shepherd was so happy he had found his lost sheep.

We are the sheep, Jesus is the Shepherd. When one of us strays away from God he looks for us. When he finds the lost one he has a celebration with all the others about what he has found.

Let’s stay close to the Shepherd, so we won’t ever fear that he is not with us. He will never leave us, but we can choose to walk away from Him. Let’s always listen for His voice and not listen to a voice we do not recognize. John 10:4-5


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