Jesus’s Love And Power :)

 How can he move the mountains? Jesus is powerful and if he wanted to move the mountains he could. Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus calmed the stormy sea? All Jesus said was ” Peace be still”.Then the sea was peaceful. Wow! pretty amazing. There is another story when Jesus was riding on a donkey into the city and people were saying ”Hosanna hosanna hosanna to the king!” Then the Pharisees were mad that the people were saying that. The Pharisees came up to Jesus and said ”Tell these people to be quiet”. Then Jesus said ”If they be quiet then the rocks will say hosanna hosanna hosanna to the king”. Even the rocks know who God is and who created them! God loved us sooooo much that he sent his only son to die for us. Did you know that if Jesus did not die for us every one would go to hell! ( and hell is not a cuss word.) So Jesus loves us soooo much that he was willing to die for us. Do you know anyone that would die for you? Jesus is God he is powerful and he loves us. 


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