Why Am I Here?

Have you ever thought Why Am I Here? Why did God put me here in the first place? I’m just here for no reason. If you think that, it’s not true. I have thought that before. It makes me feel really heavy inside. When I felt that way i just kept on crying and crying and never thought of asking Jesus to help me. But finally it worried me so much that i decided to go to my mother to help me out. I cried on her shoulder and told her what was going on. She told me that I needed to pray to Jesus to take away all my worries. Jesus did take away all of my worries and now i am more happier then ever. My mother was not the one who took all my worries away Jesus did. It just helps to cry on someones shoulders that understands what your going through. God put you on earth for a reason. He loves you and wants you to tell others about him. Don’t ever think you are not special. Because you are! I am a child of the one true king and nothing can pluck me from his hand.


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