What the World can offer you vs what God can offer you

”What can the world offer me?” The world can only offer money, fame and a bunch of other things. But in the Bible 1 John 2:17 says: The world and i’ts desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever. That means fame and money are temporary. Life is even temporary. Money, fame and that stuff will all die off in some part of time in life. ”What can God offer me?” Jesus can offer you eternal life, no more pain, no more hurt, Heaven, and so much more! You can get to heaven one day if you just ask Jesus to be your Savior, live for him, pray and read the bible. Heaven is eternal, it never ends. Heaven and God are like a circle, it never has an ending. Jesus loves you that’s why he died on the cross and rose again for you so you can go to Heaven one day. God wants you to be with him in Heaven. Jesus loves you so much.


12 Replies to “What the World can offer you vs what God can offer you”

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  2. That type of cloud that is floating over the mountain is called a Lenticular cloud. They are caused by a wave wind pattern created by the mountains. They look like discs or flying saucers that form near the mountains.


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