Pray for SNOW!!!!

Pray for people in New England area. 😦

Bible Talk

Have you heard about how the New England area is getting pounded with snow? When I say pounded I mean 1 foot of snow in a minute, roofs caving in, some people have died too! Some people really want snow, like me! (and if you say you hate snow you are really hating one of the things God made.) God made snow so wonderful. Have you ever heard the saying “No two snowflakes are alike?” well it’s true! Scientists have studied many snow flakes with their microscopes and all the snowflakes they examine seem to have a different size, and design! 2 years ago when we did not get any snow I was a little disappointed. But, my mama said “Maybe the Lord said no to snow this year because, what if someone did not have a home and it snowed on them?” I told her that that was a…

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