Trusting God for healing even in tough times.

I went to the dentist a couple weeks ago and he said that my right jaw is inflamed. So now I have to be careful of what I eat so I do not damaged my jaw even more. I can’t eat anything hard, or chewy. The pain in my jaw hurts really bad but I choose to trust God to heal my jaw. Another thing is the dentist said I could be clenching my teeth at night or gritting them. Also I have a strong over bite but my over bite is not painful. I may have to wear a mouth guard at night so I don’t clench my teeth. ( even though I may not clench my teeth). Psalm 30:2 says O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me. Jesus is the Great Doctor. Even though doctors or dentists may not know what’s wrong with us God still will help you if you ask him to.


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