The Wordless Book

Have you ever seen a book like this? This is called the wordless book. What’s different about this book? It has no words or pictures. This book tells a wonderful true story and I am going to tell you it.

Let me start with my favorite page the gold page. The gold page reminds me of Heaven because heaven is perfect and there is a street of gold in heaven. What do you think people will want to do to the gold? Maybe steal it? People won’t steal the street of gold in heaven because there is no sin in Heaven. Which reminds me of the dark page. The dark page is sin. You may ask do I sin? Yes you do so do I and everyone! Because Romans 3:23 says For all have sined and fall short of the glory of God. Do you know what is in the little word sin? s I n. That’s right I sin you sin everyone sins. We have a BIG problem. But Jesus came to earth and saved us which reminds me of the page.The red page stands for when Jesus came to the earth and died on the cross when he did nothing wrong. He did that so we could have a chance to believe in him. Will you believe today? Which reminds me of the clean page. The clean page represents our new life in Jesus and how he forgives us of our sin. But he can only forgive if we ask him to. It is as easy as ABC. A admit B believe C choose. Choose to believe and follow Jesus. Which reminds me of the green page. The green page means grow. Pray, Go to church and Sunday school, read God’s word and obey, and give, give God your whole life.


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