You are incredibly designed.

First let’s test your brain. Can you figure out which eye is which?

(Comment how many you got right.)

What eye is this?

answer: A goats eye.

What eye is this?

Answer: A octopuses eye.

Last one. What eye is this?

Answer: A toads eye.

God gave you the eye to see things. Here is an eye chart.

Did you know that when you look at something your eye sees it upside down? The information goes to the optic nerve which goes to the brain and the brain turns the image or thing right side up! Is that not amazing? It all happens that fast!

Are you ready for some more thinking?

This is what the ”scientist” that don’t believe in God say.

Did you know, we are Genetically similar to a

Banana tree? The ”scientist” say we are similar to a Banana tree by 60%.

Please tell me you look nothing like that. That’s ridiculous.

Again the ”scientist” say we are Genetically similar to an…………

ape. The scientist say we are similar by 98.8%.

I don’t look like that.

The world says this is your grandpa.

This is not my Grandpa! I hope It’s not yours.

We did not come from apes we are made in God’s image. Genesis 1:27 says So God created man in his Own Image in the image of God he created him. Male and female he created them.

God made you special there is no one like you. He knew you before you were born he knew your name he knew what your favorite food and color was gonna be. He even knows how many hairs are on your head.

Your eye color, your skin color, your blood type and even your height. Every one of those things makes you, YOU!

God made you special you did not evolve from an ape. You are incredibly designed by God.


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