Pray for paris

Paris has been attacked by ISIS, please pray for them. 158 people died in the attack and there were 5 islamic shooters. The terrorist would say “Alla Arkbar” and would shoot over and over again. The terrorist would strap bombs to them self and go in to a soccer stadium, blow the bomb and would kill themself aswell as many others. ISIS attacked 6 places in Paris it was a sudden and terrible attack please pray hard for Paris and America. The bible says before Jesus died on the cross he said Forgive them father for they dont know what they are doing. Pray hard for ISIS, Paris, and Obama as well as America! If you did not ask Jesus Into your heart to save you now is the time! 😞


4 Replies to “Pray for paris”

  1. I’m so sorry Karina, I will pray for you and your friend.
    Deuteronomy 3:12 Of Benjamin he said, The beloved of Jehovah shall dwell in safety by him; He covereth him all the day long, And he dwelleth between his shoulders.

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