Thanksgiving is in one day from now! I’m so excited! But do we really know what Thanksgiving is about? In History the English pilgrims celebrated days of Thanksgiving as part of their religion, but they did not eat on these days of Thanksgiving, they prayed. They celebrated the first Thanksgiving ( they ate this time) because they were being Thankful for the Indians that helped them, and God keeping them safe on their journey from Plymouth, England to the new world (America). My family and I celebrate Thanksgiving not because of the pilgrims sailing to America, but because my family is very thankful for Jesus coming to the cross and rising again on the third day, and being thankful for the food to. My Grandma always prayes to Jesus Christ before we eat. My Grandma isn’t feeling very well so please pray for her. After we eat and let our food digest, we play an awesome game of…… FOOTBALL! My uncle gave my Mommy, my sister and brother football jerseys ( I don’t have one yet) with their favorite team colors, the team quarter backs name on the back, and a number on the front. My Mommy Is a big fan of the Cowboys, My sister is for the Ravens , My brother is for the Giants, and I am a fan of the Sea Hawks. That is what my family does for Thanksgiving.

Psalm 95: 2-0 Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. For the LORD is the great God, the great King above all gods.



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