Halloween, questions we all have

Totally agree with this post!

Bible Talk

Halloween is fast approaching! Goodness, hasn’t October just flown by? As soon as you know it Thanksgiving is going to be here, then Christmas, then 2017! My, has the year flown by quick.

I’d want to take the time to answer some questions many people have about the holiday.

How did it come about? I believe it started off when farmers, didn’t want “ghosts” to ruin their crops so they put out “sacrifices” or food to keep them happy. It has Pagan roots, and celebrates the dead. They had bonfires and wore masks to “keep the devil away”

Is it evil? My family celebrates Fall Harvest, not Halloween. Halloween’s origins were created from false religions, devils, spirits, ghosts. And goodness! The costumes people dress up in! It’s like they want to be involved with the devil! And they think hell is some amazing place! And my are they wrong! It…

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