Halloween questions/Answers.

  1. Is it ok for Christians to wear ghostly, dead, horrible costumes?

My answer: As a Christian I say you should not. All those costumes do is celebrate death. And whose in charge of death? The Devil. So all you’re doing by wearing terrible costumes, is celebrating death and the devil.

2. Is it ok to go to haunted houses?

My answer: I say no. All the haunted houses today are terribly gross. Plus that’s just walking into satan’s lies. Haunted houses aren’t real. Going into them just ruins your mind.

3. Is it ok to celebrate Halloween?

My answer: Yes but no. Each year my family has a “Fall Harvest” party so we can eat candy and play games. We never celebrate death by dressing our house up by putting skulls everywhere, we decor with leaves and pumpkins. So if your going to celebrate, make it be non scary, non ghory, and most of all, Christ based and fun!

If you have any more questions, let me know.

~ Kaylatot💕


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